Colm Hayden

17 year old investor, entrepreneur, and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

My projects

All throughout my high school years I have done various side projects to both increase my will power and learn about the feild of businesses .


Colm demonstrates both an avid personality for hard work and value creation. Being a lead moderator of our cryptocurrency community, he’s become an active contributor and a close friend.

Nicholas Merten

Founder and CEO of DataDash

I know Colm through his research on the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Colm has taken the initiative to create a balanced portfolio of tokens, which he has actively managed for the past year. When Colm invests he does his own in-depth investigations and technical analysis. I am impressed with his ability to articulate his thoughts and follow through on his plans. Colm has demonstrated the strength of determination to pursue a strategy, with very favourable returns.

Stuart MacDonnell

Stifel Financial Corp

“Colm takes the time to treat each guest with respect and kindness. I have never had to tell him to do the same thing twice, so I would say Colm is very good at listening as well as paying attention to detail.”

Hinal Patel

Supervisor at Six Flags

My Blog

Bitcoin Block reward distributions/Tail Emission

*warning, this is a kind of technical blog post so there might be a lot of fancy developer words used* Satoshi was definitely a visionary, but I don’t think he[…]

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StratLaunch, my experience running a business

In the past month I started my own business! My company, StratLaunch, is a cryptocurrency specific influencer marketing agency that focuses on connecting Influencers to Advertisers. In the past month[…]

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