I remember the first time I heard about Bitcoin. In early 2015 One of my friends from High School was talking about an article he read on how you could make money mining cryptocurrency. “By simply leaving your computer on, you can make up to five bucks a day. You can make money while you sleep.” Listening to him so confidently state this made it seem too good to be true. I needed to learn more.

After searching around the internet for a while, I eventually ended up diving into satoshi ’s whitepaper. A lot of the concepts were too big for me to grasp at the time, but in the moment I knew that this was one of those things I just couldn’t stop learning about. After having a basic understanding of the technology, I started to learn about other coins. Every day after school I would come home and jump on my laptop to watch the latest Data Dash or Box mining video and would constantly refresh the price of my micro portfolio on coinmarketcap. I was hooked.

Over the next year I learned all about cryptography, and the value this technology had to offer. Suddenly it wasn’t about the money anymore, I wanted to help people, lots of people. And I knew getting into this industry was a good way to start.

I had been a huge fan of cryptocurrency youtuber Data Dash. I moderated his community, talked with him on a daily basis, and got to grasp what it takes to be a cryptocurrency influencer. I slowly gained some online friends that were about my age and also shared the passion I had for Blockchain.

I remember one day scrolling through my discord crypto community seeing someone posting about a marketing project they got for an ICO. The guy posting was about my age, his name was Casey Potter. I immediately messaged him asking about how he was able to pull of a deal like that. Casey told me about the connections to other youtubers he had, and how he was able to get them an advertisements for an ICO.

I thought to myself, this is my ticket in! This is how I grow my network and most importantly, this service could help people. I was on the edge of my seat. “How can we work together?” I asked. I told him about the small amount of connections I had, and we came up with a business plan later that night. StratLaunch was born.

Our Idea was simple, we didn’t want to make money, we were too inexperienced for that. Instead we wanted to become an influencer agency with the cheapest rates possible. By not taking profit, we thought we would have a competitive advantage against other agencies out there, and our knowledge from following the industry would help up make good decisions and find the right influencers for the right project.

We both took different roles, I managed client acquisition and marketing partnerships while Casey focused on customer retention and web design. Because I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I had access to a convention full of potential customers every other day. Casey was great to work with, we got to grow our experience by creating custom deal packages and pitch decks catered to clients needs. Although we didn’t get many clients in the beginning, working with Casey taught me so much about entrepreneurship. I could not have asked for a better partner.

It was a great learning experience for both of us, because of the state of the market a few months after starting out business there were no more ICO’s being launched, and there was no one that needed our niece service. After about 4 months of working hard, we decided to call it quits.

As of now our website (https://stratlaunch.com/) is still online. Looking back on it, the skills that I gained working on this project with Casey has helped me every day with the activities I participate in the present. I like keeping the website up as a token of our accomplishments. Even if I end up pivoting to something completely different than cryptocurrency, I can look back on our business and think, this is what two 17 year olds mannaged to pull off.

Starting StratLaunch was still very valuable to both of us. I used my experience to springboard my way into a business development role, and Casey used his experience to apply for college. The connections we both gained from the venture will last us a lifetime. Casey, it is only upwards from here!

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